Virgin Loudspeakers

Virgin Sound slogan “ UNBROKEN SUPERIORITY” is not just for advertisement , but it is a reality. All series of Virgin Loud Speakers were confirmed by World sound expert as an excellent and high quality sound system for professionals.

The products were designed with uncommon high quality WOOD, WOFFERS, CROSS-OVER,SPEAKON,GRILLES and TWEETERS that are not mostly used in other products brand.

Expert evaluate Virgin loud speakers as most beautiful and soft tone, best balance all type of musical instrument sound natural. Better restoring ability , treble bright, structured and effective high definition in electro – acoustical performance.

The products has smooth impendence curve, high sensitivity and low distortion, high quality cross-over and fixed with professional speakon.

Virgin sound Loud speakers are best option for church , School, Club, Hotel, Live performance, Stadium, Mobile performance ,lectures and other sound reinforcement projects.

The finishing can be acoustic/Painted or Velvet according different needs.
Thanks for choosing virgin products.

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