Virgin Sound Passive Line Array Speakers

Virgin Line Array Loudspeakers. (Passive)
Virgin GMX-210/GMX-208/GMX-218/GMX-215s /GMX-214BSeries is a passive line array Loudspeakerand absolutely obedient & confirm to line array principle. After many years’ of research, Virgin developed the HF wave guide horn, MF phase plug, patented H/ML speaker and many other core parts exclusive for line array speaker cabinet. GMX Series Passive Line array Speaker Cabinet have excellent directivity control, evenly distributed sound field, outstanding volume/sound pressure ratio and also many other fine quality, is highly recognized in the world.
The cabinet of GMX-210/GMX-208/GMX-218/GMX-215s/GMX-214B Series Passive speaker are made from solid, high-quality and moisture-proof birch plywood; inside box, multiple reinforced structures are used to reduce the energy loss due to harmonic oscillation to make LF more firm and powerful under high power and high sound pressure. Two handholds with safe human engineering structure are installed on both sides of box; the speakers adopt patented intelligent suspension system, easy installation and disassembly; the surface of box is processed with scratch and wear-resisting black galaxy coating

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