About us

The entity that is presently known and called Himatec & Partners International Ltd commenced business operations in 2000 as an Importer and Marketer of Musical Instruments of various brands. With massive yearly sales and high customer patronage, Himatec & Partners Int’l Ltd was duly incorporated under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2005 with its registered office in Lagos, Nigeria and immediately invested more funds into the business. Elder Hycenth Madueke Nzoniwu became the first Managing Director of the company and has remained so since then. 

The result was that the Company became a household name in sales and distributorship of high quality Musical Instruments in Nigeria with sales outlets in various cities of the Country.
Immediately thereafter, Himatec & Partners Int’l Ltd resolved to carve another niche for itself with mission to produce and offer to its customers Musical Instruments of unparalleled and unequalled quality and superiority and therefore brought in some reknown Experts as its Directors, expanded its business and went into small scale manufacturing of Musical Instruments bearing its invented Brand name “VIRGIN”.  

As the quantities of Virgin Brand of Musical Instruments being manufactured by the Company could not meet the demands of its large customers, the Company continued to distribute other High quality Musical Instruments.

However, the sudden liquidation of Carlsbro Electronics Ltd, UK the owners of Carlsbro products presented fresh challenges of having enough quantities of high quality musical instruments for its yearning customers. Himatec & Partners Int’l Ltd therefore took the bull by the horns with its resolve to expand and upgrade its brand VIRGIN products to international acceptable standard so as to match its desire for high quality. To achieve this objective, the Company in 2010 moved its manufacturing plant from Nigeria to China under partnership with VIRGIN UK GLOBAL ELECTRONICS LTD, a leading Manufacturer of Musical Instruments while Himatec & Partners Int’l Ltd remains the Sole Distributor and Marketer of VIRGIN products in the world. 

Since then, the quality of VIRGIN Brand of Musical Instruments has improved tremendously with the attendant high demands and sales. The percentage growth of sales has also been rapid and increases yearly. VIRGIN Musical product has remained one of the World’s best products and has maintained its unbroken and unparalleled superiority over others. It has also been a dominant musical product and a household name in the world.

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