Virgin Sound KDX 210 Digital Drum

KDX-210  Digital Drum

Virgin KDX-210 digital drum offers vivid voice very  suitable for stage performance  & studio recording. It is configured with 5drums  3cymbals. It can also be equipped with real bass drum pedal and supports dual hammers to provide real bass drum effect. The hi-hat control produces half open voice. The snare pad is enlarged to be 10 inch. KDX-210 is the product with high performance but low cost.

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Kit components  5drum 3 cymbal

  • Module: KDX-210
  • 10” SNARE (x1):dual channels, rim/pad shot simultaneously
  • 8”TOM(x3): dual channels
  • 8”BASS(x1)
  • 10’’Hi-HAT (x1)mono
  • 12”HI-HAT(x1)/CRASH(x1):dual channel choke
  • HI-HAT PEDAL(x1):

Different status and strength of pedals decide pad voice and volume

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