Virgin Electric Pressing Iron

  1. Temperature control knob. With this knob you can set the correct temperature for each specific kind of textile
  2. Soleplate
  3. Indicator light. When the light has gone out and come on again the soleplate is at the set temperature
  4. Insulating heat
  5. Rear side. If you do not use the iron momentarily you should stand it on its rear side to protect the soleplate. And also on its rear side when storing  the iron and when pausing in ironing
  6. Power supply cord
  7. Spray button, spray water in clothes by pressing the spray button when ironing
  8. Filling gap
  9. Spray nozzle, water spray from here when press the water button
  10. Transparent water tank
  11. Variable steam control. Close the steam function or change the steam volume by the side of the control

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