Virgin Sound Musical Drums

Virgin Sound Professional Drums (New Series)

Our unlimited enthusiasm for drums making  and penchant for high quality drums motivated us to engage more drum expert for deep research.In the process of research  and developing, we realized that the balance of shell tone is also very necessary and  majority of drummers want to get this balance sound

Consequently, we created some new series namely, Stage pride, Phantom &  Diplomat  made of Birch. The warm sound and simultaneously with the intent  low frequency attack is able to make the whole drums set unimaginable balanced. The Birch unique sound has become the choice of many professional   drummers. The birch natural sound offer the perfect alternative and edge over maple.

After research, Virgin drums expert , concluded that   Birch is the best for “NATURAL SOUND”

Many  professional rock drummers strongly  support  our Birch series Stage pride, Phantom & Diplomat and use then on stage performance and studio recording.

Thanks for choosing Virgin products.

Virgin Sound Professional Drums

All series of Virgin Sound Drums shell were made of suitable and excellent high quality material to meet today’s professional drummer’s requirement . It produces natural sound. Virgin superior materials are hand selected. The material futures consistent pattern , consistent thickness, suitable humidity and appropriate density. Our products materials are uncommon high quality materials that other manufactures hardly use. Virgin never compromise in quality .We have maintain the “Unbroken Superiority” for more than decade.

Virgin continuous research with our young aggressive Engineers and our unlimited enthusiasm for drums making and penchant for high quality products makes Virgin drums more and more powerful and world class drums every day.

Virgin has various series of drums according to different needs.

Thanks for choosing virgin drum.

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