Eva Microphone



Oscillation: Quartz Crystal

Carrier Frequency Range: VHF 200-270MHz

Frequency Stability: +0.001%

Max.Eviation Range: +50KHz

Modulation Mode: FM

S/N Ratio: >105dB

T.H.D: <0.5%@1KHz

Sensitivity: 1.2/U @S/N=12Db

Power supply: DC 14V 300mA

Audio Output:

Free standing: 0-400mV

Mixed style: 0-300mV

Distance: up to 100 meters

Antenna: Black

Packing: Color box with EPE

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    5pics Drum set

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    Floor Tom – 16” 16lugs

    Tom-tom  – 12” 12lugs & 10” 12lugs

    Snare Drum   – Birch shell 14”x3.5 20lugs

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    Hard  wares.

    Tom-tom holder – Separate Single Pole with suspension

    Cymbal Stand -2 x Heavy Boom Cymbal stand

    Snare Stand – Heavy Boom stand

    Cymbals –  Without cymbal

    Lugs –  Alloy round lug

    Pedal – Big Pedal  Ares

    Drum head –  Virgin Double oil drum head/chemical velon

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