Liberty Series

 Liberty Series

5 pics drum set.
Bass Drum — 22”*18”-20lugs
Floor Tom — 16”*16” -16lugs
Tom-Tom – 13”*12”-12lugs & 12”*11”-12lugs
Snare Drum – wood shell 14”*5.5”-20lugs
Snare Drum Head.  White coated.
Hard wares
 Single Pole Tom-Tom holder with extra hole for cow bell or cymbal addition
Cymbal stand . —  Boom stand.
Cymbals .—  1.2mm.16” & 2*14”
Lug .—    Iron power lug
Pedal .–  Big pedal
Drum Head.
Double Oil Head/Chemical velon
Colors.— Spark RED, Spark Black and Spark Blue.


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